Tom McAulay

(Foreword written by Dalerie Patterson, Technical Editor, Artist’s Palette Magazine with excerpts from the article on Tom featured in the magazine in 2008).

Tom McAulay is certainly an artist who truly deserves the description above.  Let me introduce you to the man behind the art.  Tom is a highly intelligent man, a deep thinker, who simply but vividly brings to life the pictures in his imagination.  Tom’s body of work did not eventuate from a hankering for fame, a need for material trappings or even praise from the art world.  It was simply the desire to share his vision with others.  Through this website you will have a glimpse of why this man has well and truly earned the labels of “incredibly talented”, “unique” and “real Aussie icon”.  Here are the benchmarks he has achieved that I believe make him definitely worthy of these accolades.  Tom has:

  • Earned a living solely as an artist from his early teens. 
  • Won prestigious art awards.
  • Been represented in galleries and private collections here and overseas.
  • Remained the sole arbitrator of subject matter.
  • Used his drawing and painting skills to tell a story that makes both visual and emotional connections with those viewing his work.
  • Continually searched for new techniques and presentations to create an atmosphere for the topics depicted.
  • Originated an absolute, almost ‘gritty’ realism into his subject matter.
  • Developed a unique style that is immediately recognised and appreciated.

Born in Innisfail, North Queensland, Tom has been a professional artist all his life.  Time spent travelling through the outback, staying on properties as well as his life-long love of sport is wonderfully illustrated in so many of his paintings.  He works in all mediums but, in recent years, he has been producing visually captivating and evocative works in acrylic on a textured surface.  Tom is also well-known for his pen and wash or charcoal studies of Aussie characters he has discovered over many years in his travels to the back of beyond.  The large and small paintings of landscapes, sport, birds and animals and, especially, character studies, illustrates that this artist has the talent to capture the atmosphere, action, pathos and exuberance of Australian life -- then and now.

Tom has had numerous successful exhibitions at Park Road, Don McInnes, Phillip Bacon and Adrian Slinger Galleries in Brisbane, Prouds in Sydney, Capricorn Galleries in Melbourne, Tia Galleries in Toowoomba, Upstairs Gallery in Cairns and Framed Gallery in Darwin.  Some of his many awards include Warana Brisbane (1969), Peter Stuyvesant (1970), Redcliffe Art Prize (1971), Telegraph Art Prize (1971) Caltex Award Toowoomba (1973) and the Heritage Art Award from the Queensland Historical Society.  In 1990,

Tom was commissioned by the Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, to complete a series of paintings of Australian in Sport.  In May 2000 he was selected as the Queensland artist in the “Sports in Art” exhibition in Adelaide.  His work is still collected and highly valued in public and private collections in Australia and overseas.

Tom lives at Woodford and still exhibits successfully in Queensland galleries.  The images shown in the Gallery are but a tiny glimpse of the scope of this artist.  Make sure you see Tom’s new paintings on The Latest Releases Page and new giclee releases in Giclee Reproductions.

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